How we help…

Most customers come to us for help with a website, or for digital marketing support (a necessity in today’s online world)

We’ve been doing this work for over 20 years, so we know what works and what doesn’t!

Our focus is on building a lasting relationship with you and your business, as you “expert partner” with everything online – website, smartphone app, and now, digital marketing support (including content marketing, social media marketing & SEO)


Our websites only “look” expensive!

Your site is always designed in collaboration with you and your team, but we have some amazing tools which allow us to make your site look stunning without costing a fortune!

Smartphone app

We’re very proud of this new addition to our lineup.

The app is tightly integrated with your website, displaying just selected pages of your website, along with the “push notification” option to “flick them a text message” at any time!

Digital marketing // SEO // social media

We’ve added these services recently in response to customer demand.  Frankly, a superb website without a strong digital marketing “back end” is dead in the water these days.  Have a no-obligation chat with us to discuss how we can help.

NEW! Website + App combo

We’re delighted to announce that every Digital Cafe website now comes with an integrated smartphone app.

Your customers can download it for their Apple/iOS or Google/Android smartphone.

You can then “flick” a message straight to their mobile phone — the latest news, or a special  offer, perhaps?  

Selected pages from your website are embedded within the app.  Better yet, this content is updated automatically whenever you tweak your site, and there’s no tedious double-entry!